Sobre Praza

In English is an electronic newspaper, edited by Fundación Praza Pública (Public Square Foundation), a privately-owned foundation created in 2012 with the aim of promoting public information and discussion as a way to contribute to the civic engagement of Galician citizens, as well as to encourage Galician culture and language.

Praza Pública is conceived as an instrument to change from a progressive point of view. Its ideological principles are the promotion of Galician culture, the increasing empowerment of Galicians as a community and as a nation, and a largely egalitarian and left-wing world-view. Its main language is Galician.

It is also a crowdfunded project, supported by dozens of citizens through small donations, and open to everyone who wishes to share its aims and to support the project economically and journalistically. Its core is composed by a small team of journalists, focused in high-quality information rather than in the latest news. Praza is a plurality, transparency and independence commited electronic media, where latest techniques and journalistic formats (visualization, crowdjournalism, video and audio full integration, etc.) could be used to bring relevant bits of reality to the Galician audience.

Please, feel free to explore this website. If you want to know more about Praza's core ideas, please, contact